Yes, Eyebrow Transplants are a Thing -  Everything You Need to Know!

Eyebrows come in all beautiful shapes and sizes; high arches, thin and long, untamed and free. Whatever the style you have naturally been born with or choose to confidently rock, LashCat supports you! What if we told you that you can get a treatment that can give you the shape and volume you crave for your brows that is safe and effective?


That is the premise behind ‘eyebrow transplants’, a cosmetic procedure that gives you the brows you’ve always wanted at a cost of a steeper-than-usual price. 


What is an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is performed just like a hair transplant treatment at the top of the head, as the hairs are inserted one by one at a sharp angle to make it look as natural as possible. They are made to look like they’re being swept across the forehead, rather than sticking straight up like on the head.


Current medical techniques are much safer and efficient than the treatments of the ‘90s with skin grafts, and treatment times last on the individual. Single hair transfers are inserted into the eyebrow region at fast-paced pulses, while the methods are only administered by certified medical aestheticians.


What does an eyebrow transplant procedure consist of? 

Eyebrow transplant treatments are performed as an in-office, outpatient procedure that requires local anesthesia. Working closely with the specialist, they can discuss the best shapes and hair volumes that would complement your facial features, and further advise you on post-treatment procedures.


Eyebrow hair is typically transferred from the back of the individual’s head and placed in the pre-planned brow area with tiny incisions just minuscule enough to localize the missing brow follicle. Once the hair follicles have been transplanted to the brows, it will take approximately four months for the hair to start growing, while eight months to see full results of the treatment.


Am I a good candidate for an eyebrow transplant procedure?

In general, most candidates are approved for an eyebrow transplant treatment due to the safe administration by a certified specialist. In addition, if you have been unhappy with the shape and volume of your brows, or cannot grow any hair due to overplucking, hair loss conditions or genetics, eyebrow transplant procedures can be a great permanent alternative to colouring in your brows daily or microblading.


It’s essential to speak to a specified expert before your eyebrow transplant procedure and sort out all your options. If you’re not ready for that commitment, our brow solutions and products are perfect to enhance your brow line naturally, keeping you happy and glowing for the 2021 summer!


At LashCat, your beauty goals are our beauty goals! We continually strive to help our loyal customers to achieve their beauty goals, and while we do not offer eyebrow transplant procedures, we do have a wide variety of fantastic beauty products to enhance your life!

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