Starting 2023 with proper lash aftercare - what you need to do and what you have to avoid!

With great lashes comes great responsibility - follow our aftercare tips for your best falsies to date!

A great pair of fabulous fake lashes can be pricey, and you want to have them looking beautiful for as long as possible. Whether this is the first time you’re experiencing full-blown falsies, or your 100th time, proper aftercare is essential for lash retention. Knowing how to clean false lashes of mascara clumps and glue residue can instantly extend the life of your falsies and keep more money in your pocket. We’ve got some pro tips to keep your eyes healthy and your lashes gorgeous!

Gently remove the glue

Always start the process of cleaning your falsies by removing any excess glue that can still be found on the lash band. The easiest and safest way to achieve this is by using a tweezer and gently picking off any glue that is found on the lash band. Be slow and methodical about removing the glue, as any rash pulling can result in some individual lashes falling out.

Clean your lashes regularly

The best lashes always look fluffed out and clean with no mascara lumps in the middle. If you have applied a little mascara to give your eyes that extra pop while your falsies are on, make sure to gently wipe that mascara before getting your nightly Zzzs. 

The best way to remove mascara, or anything that has been lodged on your lashes is by dipping a spooley in micellar water and slowly combing the lashes out. This process will help remove the mascara and make them look brand new! After brushing them with the spooley, you can gently rub a cotton swab to remove any excess that might have been missed.

Don’t yank your lashes off before bed

We know that everyone has long days once in a while and all you want to do is just crawl under your covers and pass out. Before you get your well-deserved rest, make sure you don’t yank off your falsies! The bad news is that once a hair follicle is dead, it won’t grow back. Since the lash adhesive is incredibly strong, you need to ensure that your falsies get the proper removal treatment. Instead of harshly pulling your lashes, ensure you gently take them off so your lash line doesn’t get damaged and you avoid any oopsie moments. 

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The best falsie aftercare is done when you have the best products on the market. We provide everything and anything lash-related including makeup removers, serums, foam cleansers and gentle glue removers. Start off your year knowing that while you’re going to look amazing, your lashes won’t take a hit when it’s time for them to come off!
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