The magic of the holidays starts with fabulous lashes - turn heads at every party!

The holiday season is upon us - you’ve wrapped your gifts and sent out the Christmas cards. All that’s left to do is make sure you’re looking stunning during the rush. What better way to make a bold beauty statement than with voluminous lashes?

You already know that LashCat is here to bring out the best in you; whether it’s glitzing up your eyes for a fancy holiday party or ringing in the New Year with drop-dead gorgeous lashes! Looking for some inspiration on sprucing up your lashes? We got some foolproof festive ideas that can elevate any lash look!

Spice up your lashes with some bright eyeshadow

If you’ve been a little on the fence about busting out that bright eyeshadow, what better occasion than Christmas? Your lashes will take the spotlight when you enhance them with a pop of colour. We suggest a sparkly green or a funky red hue that stays in style with the Christmas season while making you feel incredible during the holidays.

You can always spice up your eyes by adding a little shimmer on the corners of your eyes to really solidify your holiday spirit.

Sparkle and shimmer ringing in the New Year

It’s party time! While you’re finding the perfect outfit to celebrate the New Year, make sure your lashes get some much-needed attention. The best part of dressing up is the immense amount of creativity that you can showcase, especially with your lashes. Why not add a little sparkle and shimmer to your falsies by adding some small gems to the ends of your lashes? Or add a touch of a sparkly silver hue that will make a disco ball jealous. New Year’s is the perfect way to introduce glitz and glam to your beauty routine!

Ho Ho Ho-ld on to a fantastic falsie glue

Is there anything more annoying than chatting up a cutie at a party and realizing that half of your lash is peeling off? Investing in a solid lash glue, like our large selection of amazing products, can help you avoid that run to the bathroom to reapply your lashes. With a strong falsie adhesive, you can just focus on the magic of the season instead of worrying if your lashes are staying on or not!

The best present you can give yourself is incredible lashes!

With the holidays in full swing, it’s time to glam up your lashes to the max! Get into the holiday spirit and shop our wide range of lash products that are sure to elevate your look this season. 

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