We can see clearly now - you CAN wear falsies with your glasses!

Anyone who’s ever tried wearing falsies with their glasses can know the struggles of lashes batting up against your lenses. Just because you haven’t been blessed with 20/20 vision, doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards of making your eyes pop with false lashes! 

We’ve got some tips to help you wear those beautiful falsies that make your eyes pop without compromising your vision. 

Individual falsies can make a huge difference


Single lashes are a fantastic way to add natural-looking volume to your lashes without overwhelming your whole lash line. While they take a little while to master because they require more precision than strip lashes, the effort pays off! Individual falsies have the option of being applied wherever you want more volume - whether giving you that sexy cat-eye look or being applied in the inner corner of your eye to make them really pop. 


Go with a tighter lash curl

Selecting a tighter curl that points upward, instead of outward, will reduce your chances of your falsies hitting your lenses every time you blink. A lifted, voluminous pair will do wonders for your eyes and won’t impair your vision like the longer, more cat-eye lashes on the market. Curlier lashes that point upwards instead of out can also be easier cut, so even if the length of them is not ideal when you first get them, you can always cut to your desired length for the most fabulous result!

Glasses are like snowflakes - they’re all unique

Depending on how close your glasses sit on your face, you’ll need to adjust your falsies so that they don’t disturb your vision. For example, if your glasses sit lower on your nose, you’ll be able to opt for longer lashes than if your glasses sit higher on the bridge of your nose. If you’re new to the false lashes game, you should start by wearing shorter lashes and work your way up.

If you have the option, and you know you want to rock falsies for years to come, larger lenses can benefit you greatly because they’ll give your lashes more space and help you wear glasses lower on your nose. If you have smaller lenses, don’t despair - there’s always a lash that will make your eyes pop!

You deserve incredible lashes - make it happen with our affordable range of products!

At LashCat, we love your eyes! Our lashes are designed to fit every eyeshape and lash line, so why not have fun with the process? With our wide range of lashes, falsie glues and gentle removers, you can have the lashes you’ve had your eye on!

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