Why A Great Brow Creates Confidence

I used to hate my brows when I was in my teens because they were bushy and messy and no one ever seemed to look directly in my brown almond eyes because they were too distracted by my caterpillars; fast-forward ten years later, and my brows are my best facial feature. Brows are powerful as they can command the room and can be the leading force behind your confidence even if you’re not feeling like your best self. Good brows can frame your face so you look like you can take on the world and can awaken your face when you’re running on 3 hours of sleep. Perfect brows can make the difference between you having an okay day to you having an extraordinary day.

I remember plucking my first eyebrow hairs when I was 13 years old and ended up with two thin crow-looking shapes on my brow bone; I really wanted to have that WOW transformation like Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries, but I went from looking like a frumpy teenager to looking like a Jersey Shore cast member. When I turned 16, my mom took me to get my eyebrows waxed, and though I shed blood because my brow hair was so thick, I looked like a different person. The brows shaped my face so well that I could now appreciate the other parts of my face, like my high cheekbones; appropriately shaped brows can enhance your natural beauty, without having to wear a speck of makeup. Brows can also act as anti-aging component, as they can look like a non-evasive face lift, especially if you are constantly missing your beauty sleep. The Brow Brush from LashCat is the perfect accessory if you are a go-getter on the move, and you can even pair it up with the LashCat Pro Pencil (in black and brown) to really make your brows pop.

Think of your face as the Mona Lisa, completely outstanding on its own but not complete without the frame. Your brows are the frame to your face, and they can dictate how people react to your facial expressions. A sexy wink or a cheeky side-eye is much more powerful if it’s accompanied by a perfect brow, whether you’re feeling completely exhausted or fresh and energized. A great brow that frames your face to enhance your natural beauty makes you look polished and well-kept and can truly create the most confident and beautiful version of yourself, without having to waste time on makeup and other cosmetics. Great brows bring together the components of your face and enhance the beauty that you already are.

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