What’s the Bottom Line on Bottom Lashes? They’re Fantastic and Affordable!

Your mascara just ran out and you’re tired of having to apply your mascara daily. 


You’ll be surprised at how significant adding 10-15 lashes to your lower lashes opens up your eyes. Because you’re adding overall volume to your eyes, your face will look slimmer and more symmetrical without looking like you piled on pounds of makeup. The best part? You don’t have to cake on any more mascara to get the same results. Our Lash Cleanser is gentle enough to use on your bottom falsies to ensure that they stay on for the longest time possible.


When can I get bottom lashes?

We think you should get them now, with a few exceptions that might hold you back. Bottom lash extensions are not recommended for those who have lashes pointing straight up, as they can interfere with the overall vision and create discomfort. Also, if you find that your bottom lashes are relatively short and scarce, it’s advised not to get the bottom falsies as it can create an uncomfortable feeling and might cause irritation to the eyeball. It’s always best to speak with a lash consultant for the most accurate advice.


Why should I get bottom lashes?

Think of bottom lashes as the friendly neighbour next door - they’re low-maintenance and can always put you in a good mood. Alongside feeling the fab self that you are every day, bottom lashes are great at sentimental events and occasions that can be enjoyed without having to smear that run-down mascara that you thought was waterproof.


How much will it cost me to get bottom lashes?

On average, lash technicians charge anywhere from $2 to $3 a lash, so around $30 per set. Compared to upper lash extensions ranging from $150 to $400, we think bottom lashes are definitely worth it! Look radiant without having to splurge on high-end lashes!


How are bottom lashes applied?

Bottom lashes are applied in the same manner as upper lash extensions, with the exception of a short session that lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Bottom lashes are much shorter and thinner than upper lashes and allow you to blink normally without feeling overwhelmed by the volume. 


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Bottom lashes are a great asset to your beauty regiment this spring and summer, as it gives you that stunning, naturally wide-eyed look without looking like a raccoon when you go swimming. 

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