Vitamin B(eautiful) Lashes

The human body is incredibly fascinating, and we continuously learn to take care of ourselves properly if we have the right attitude and information. All living things have a shelf life; skin cells replace themselves every 7 years, hair follicles regenerate between 2-6 years and lashes last two to six months and then proceed to regenerate themselves within 2 months.

Do you ever just meet a person and their natural lashes look like a Disney Princess Snapchat filter? Some people are born with fabulous, long, voluminous and healthy lashes and others have to resort to other methods to achieve them. In my last blog, I touched on some of the ways that you can maintain healthy eyelashes, but in this article,  I’m going to go in depth about the vitamins that are necessary for beautiful lashes. I, by no means, am a doctor or anyone qualified in that field but I am a lash enthusiast with loads of research under her belt and want to share what I found about the wonderful world of Vitamin B:

B3 Is imperative in lash growth and helps lashes from drying out while elongating their shelf life. B3 is the most important of all vitamins as it can determine how fast or slow your lashes can fall out. Some food rich in B3 are beef, tuna, avocado, mushrooms and peanuts. So, while you are eating healthy, you can also reap the benefits for beautiful lashes.

B5 is the natural catalyst to help your lashes grow healthy and thick. Some foods rich in B5 are egg yolks, whole grain cereals and yogurt.

B6 helps prevent hair loss by creating melanin which gives your lashes a rich colour. Foods rich in B6 are liver, yeast and beef.

B7 stimulates lash gloss and overall strength; most lash serums will also have B7. Foods rich in this vitamin are salmon, pork, cauliflower and bananas.


Of course, just like any vitamins, it is always advised to consult your doctor before ingesting anything as it may cause harm. Vitamin B is renowned for improving cardiovascular health, increasing energy and slowing down memory loss; it also boosts blood flow meaning your lashes can grow quicker and healthier. Eyelashes are what accompany us from our birth till we are old and wrinkly, and we owe it to them to take care of them in the healthiest way possible. Vitamin B, and all the branches of it, truly maintain your lashes to be healthy, glossy and long. Use LashCat’s eyelash home care cleansing brush every day along with your vitamins and your lashes will look so divine, you will never have to use a filter.




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