Tried a Heated Lash Curler? - It’s A Game-Changer If Your Falsies Lost Their Curl

We always love those glam lash curls that elevate our eyes to the sexiest level and immediately give us the confidence to command a room. Whether you adore your natural lashes or think they could use a little help, our fabulous lash sets are made to custom-fit your eyes and instantly enhance your appearance. 


Remember using your mom’s lash curler as a child trying to give yourself a lash lift? Times have changed since our grandma’s beauty techniques, so it’s time to step into 2021 and get the lash curl you deserve! While your methods certainly improved over the years, you’re still wondering if you can curl your falsies. Look no further, we have all your answers!


Why do falsies lose their curl?  

In most cases, your lifestyle might be the culprit of your lash extensions losing their curl. Some reasons may include:


Overheating. Your frequent sauna sessions or your love of baking might actually make your falsies lose their curl. Because of the synthetic composition of your lashes, extreme heat can actually cause your lashes to go pin-straight.


Sleeping only on one side. While you’re restfully enjoying your REM cycle on the best part of your bed, sleeping on your side for the whole night can impact your lash curl. Instead, try to rotate throughout the night or opt for that silk pillowcase that won’t disturb your lashes.


Not cleaning your lashes frequently. After a day’s makeup, not cleaning your lashes fully can result in dirt and oil clumps that can weigh your lashes down. Protect the curl, and clean your lashes before going to bed or after swimming.


How do you curl false eyelashes?

First off, don’t use a mechanical curler - the device can actually further damage your falsies by tugging or pulling on your lash line. Instead, choose a heated lash curler to get the job done and follow these steps:


  1. Clean and wash your lashes, combing them throughout to get rid of any leftover debris.
  2. As you wait for your lashes to dry, turn on the lash curler.
  3. Use the heated curler in the middle of your lashes, avoiding any contact with the bottom of your lash line to avoid the adhesive melting.
  4. Lift or twist the device based on the curl you’re desiring, holding for seven seconds for best results.
  5. Ta-Dah! Your lash curls are ready and you’re on the move feeling your best self!

Lost that amazing lash curl? We’ll help you get it back with our full range of beauty products and accessories! Get stunning lashes and curl your way up to the top with LashCat!


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