The longer, the better? How long should your falsies stay on?

Daytime lashes, date lashes, night out on the town lashes. We love to see them all! 


How long can you have lash extensions?

When you have a night out, you put on your high heels, you put on your best dress and your best lashes! Who doesn’t love to feel sexy and in charge while knowing that they look put together and confident? So after a crazy night, you come home and pass out without doing our usual before-bed routines - we’ve all been there, trust us. So what happens with our falsies?


At LashCat, we’re in the constant pursuit of all things beauty and sharing our knowledge with our loyal fans. We love to see you load up your lash line with our amazing lashes, but we also want you to have perfect lash health, and that is why we dug deep in numerous blogs and searched our own expertise to compile this blog. This week’s topic? How long can you wear your fab lash strips before it’s time to take them off?


How long do falsies stay on?

Traditional lash strips are faster to apply than individual lashes, but they will usually last you for the day. Of course, each case is different and they might last you an extra two or three days especially if you use our ultra-strong Expert Glue


Lash strips can be worn for multiple days ...

A great glue makes all the difference on your quest to wearing your falsies for days at a time. Our selection of glues is great for all types of lash strips and is great for all eyes. Make sure to always, always, keep a spare tube of adhesives, tweezers, and some spare lashes in your makeup when you are wearing your falsies that you’re not stuck in a rut if one of the strips fall off. Glue away, darling!


… But beware if you have sensitive eyes!

Though all of our products are tried and tested and are safe for sensitive eyes, it’s always recommended to remove your lashes before bed. Two or three-day lashes can further irritate your sensitive eyes and cause them to flare. Stay on the safe side, and make a habit out of removing your lashes after 24 hours if you can.


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We are with you when you go out on a wild night into the city and we’re with you when you’re removing your falsies after a long night of dancing. Our line of products is designed for your busy lifestyle that won’t irritate your eyes, and give your lashes the WOW factor they deserve!


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