Step Up Your Lash Game with White Eyeliner!

We’ve all flipped through pages of magazines or seen some online beauty blogs that feature models with beautiful big eyes. Blessed are the Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway of the world that can just wake up and look wide awake with naturally bright and large eyes. For the rest of us, we can always accentuate our eyes using fabulous falsies and a little trick of the white eyeliner. 


White eyeliner has been prominent in the beauty business since the avant garde era of the ‘60s. A combination of futuristic and elite fashion, white eyeliner can make anyone feel their best, without having an elaborate skillset to apply it. It gives you the ability to run wild with your eyelid design while neutralizing and enhancing your waterline. LashCat has everything you need to know about white eyeliner and why it’s a must-have for your make-up routine this summer!


What does white eyeliner do for the eyes?

Put down that third cup of coffee and reach for the white eyeliner instead. While black eyeliner is an absolute staple that can transform anyone into their Hollywood versions of themselves, white liner instantly makes your eyes look revived and refreshed. Plus, it gives you an effortlessly cool vibe that you can strut around from shopping at the supermarket to that hot date you’ve been waiting for.


Where do you apply white eyeliner?

While darker shades of liner are typically applied to the upper lash line, white eyeliner is best used when it’s safely applied to the bottom waterline of your lashes. Your eyes will be styled from corner to corner with the white eyeliner, while you have the freedom and creativity to add on accessories to the top, like our Cashmere C Curl Eyelashes, that will pull your glam look all together!


How do you apply white eyeliner?

Start off with a sharpened eyeliner pencil. After all, scratched and irritated corneas are never in style. Gently hold down your eye and line your waterline with the pencil. Apply it with a light hand from one corner of the eye to the next. The best thing about using white eyeliner to enhance your makeup routine? It takes less than a minute!


Create the illusion of bigger eyes and invest in a great white eyeliner!

LashCat’s got your beauty trends covered from Eye to Z, and that is why we think you should invest in a white eyeliner today. Get that instant glow-up and bright eyes even if you’re running on three hours of sleep. 

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