Optimizing Your Lash Extension Life

Long eyelashes on women and men immediately attract attention to the eyes, and since the eyes are the window to the soul, you can say that the lashes are the blinds. Eyelashes tend to grow thinner and shorter as we age, as the decreasing amount of collagen in our bodies gets reduced. 


So, you walk out of the lash salon with fabulous new lashes and are ready to knock out everyone you encounter with your sexy glare. Inevitably, you know that they will fall out at one time or another but LashCat is here to help you elongate your time as much as possible. 


The Tricks of the Trade


To maintain your eyelash extensions from falling out faster than they should, follow our fool-proof tips below.


Clean Lashes Mean Longer Lifespan: Makeup residues and leftover oils will weaken your glue adhesives causing your lashes to fall faster than intended. Our Expert Glue will ensure that your lashes stay put even through harsh oils and excess makeup.


Using the Right Amount of Lash Glue: You know the classic of Goldilocks and the Three Bears where too much porridge is bad news, too little porridge is not enough but the right amount is perfect? The same goes for lash glue. 


Too much glue can cause thick bases and severe lash isolation while not enough glue will cause the extension to come off as soon as lashes are brushed. The right amount of glue will ensure your lash extensions are correctly placed and will have a longer life.


Using the Right Glue For the Right Temperature: Depending on the style of lash extension you want, the right glue can be properly accommodated. Our Pro Volume Eyelash Extension Glue is maximized at 45-60% humidity and serves for long-lasting volume lashes, while our Sensitive Glue works best at 45-55% humidity and serves the more classic looking lash.


Understanding how different types of glues work for each style of lash will help you increase your extension’s lifespan.


Use An Eyelash Sealer: Applying a daily eyelash sealer will help you keep your lashes in place longer without having the fear of individual lashes falling out. Choosing a sealer containing high amounts of acrylic and hyaluronic acid will ensure your lashes will remain full, healthy and conditioned.


There is nothing sexier than conveying your message with the use of your lashes without words needing to do the talking. Eyelash extensions can help anyone speak more confidently, walk with a confident strut and feel beautiful even on their worst days. 


Whether your lash has great adhesive retention or the retention can be improved, it’s always important to consult a lash expert from our LashCat studios. Opting for false lashes can revive your confidence, make you walk with a good head on your shoulders and captivate attention wherever you go.


To start living in your own captivating lash extension journey, contact us here.



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