Mascara Wands That Transform You into a Lash Wizard - Lash Wands 101

Whether you have been born with naturally-fluffy and long lashes, or you have our fabulous Cashmere D Curl Eyelash Extensions on for high-powered glamour, you need to have a routine to maintain them. Lash wands are the support system of an amazing lash set, and that gooey store-brought mascara can make you look like a million bucks when enhanced by a proper lash wand.


Here at LashCat, we are constantly examining and creating products that will make you look and feel good in your skin! If you’re a lash veteran, you might have numerous lash wands lying around. If you’re just getting started on your amazing lash journey you might have none at your disposal. No worries, we have you covered no matter your level of lash expertise! 


Which Wand Should I Use?


Eye-shapes and sizes are as different as each eyelash growing on your eyelids, and we understand that a cookie-cutter lash wand for all lashes doesn’t make any sense. Here are some wands to consider for your unique-looking lashes:


If you have:


Curly and Dense Lashes ➤ Use a Thick and Oversized Brush


Short and Fewer Lashes ➤ Use a Long and Fine-Tooth Brush


Scattered and Fine Lashes ➤ Use an Hourglass Brush


Super-Dense but Sparse Lashes ➤ Use a Spikeball Brush


When to Brush Your Lashes


You might forget to brush your lashes during the day, or you tend to brush them too often causing them to fall out prematurely. While grooming your lashes a few times a day is normal, here are 3 times when you need to brush them out:


  1. When You Wake Up ➤ Rise and shine with our Disposable Mascara Wands. Get ready to conquer the day by brushing your lashes after a good sleep. Some lashes tend to maneuver themselves the other way during the night, and grooming them in the morning will make you look refreshed and awake.


  1. After You Apply Makeup ➤ Remove any residue that has settled in your lash line after applying a powdery foundation or thick eyeshadow. Prevent your lashes from looking like a clumpy mess and brush them thoroughly before heading out.
  1. After You Shower ➤ Hot water and heavy moisture will cause your lashes to feel heavy. Without brushing, your lashes will dry out improperly and look dishevelled. After your shower, let your lashes air dry and brush them out for a perfect look.


3 Easy Steps to a Perfect-Looking Lash


If you have natural lashes or lash extensions, brushing them out will be the same method. 


Step 1) Apply your lash wand at the top of your lash line.


Step 2) Gently roll down your wand from the inside of your lash crease to the outside lash line.


Step 3) Take your lash wand and delicately brush it upwards for maximized fluff.


Voila, a lash that looks fantastic!


Elongate Your Lash Life! - Use LashCat’s Disposable Mascara Wands 


We dedicate ourselves to teaching our customers our high-quality products and continually researching ways to boost their confidence with a fabulous lash routine! 


Contact us here to learn more about our fab lash products or to get in touch with one of our lash technicians!


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