Let’s Talk About Shed, Baby- Booking Your Lash Refill Appointment is Essential!

Loads of things can happen at the bat of an eyelid. With your busy schedule, Lash Cat wants to help you keep your wonderful lash extensions with frequent refill appointments! Our range of products is the perfect addition to your beauty routine, while a lash refill is an essential tool to keep your lashes looking voluminous and dense year-round!


Learn more with us on why regular refills can save you money and keep you looking sexy!


Why you shouldn’t leave your refills after 4 weeks

If you’re leaving your refill until the last minute, you will be leaving a lot of your natural lashes without an extension, as a refill appointment is typically an hour long. To get the most out of your falsie set, we advise you to book a refill consultation every 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness while not missing a beat (or lash) during your appointment!


When you book your regimented refill, you will save money long-term as you won’t have to book a full lash appointment to amplify your natural lashes. A refill appointment will typically take an hour, and is less expensive than a lash appointment so it’s a cost-saving solution year-long!


Feeling and looking good - all the time!

Like the hair on your head, your lashes have a natural shedding cycle. On average, you lose about 3 lashes a day - not to worry, they grow back! When you notice a fallen lash, you’ll see the extension attached to it, signalling it’s time for the refill. Ensure that your lashes are always looking their best with a short and professional lash appointment that can get your lash line full again in an instant.


We’re all human, and sometimes we don’t feel our best about our appearance. A lash refill can put an extra pep in your step by making your eyes the centre of attention at all times. Investing in frequent lash refills will ensure that you maximize your beauty investment while continuing being the rockstar that you are!


Consistency is key

They say that practice makes perfect, and the same goes with regular refill appointments. When you strategically book your refill consultation on the same day and same time every 2 weeks, you won’t have to worry about trying to find a time slot during your busy life. Plus, ensuring your appointment is set at the same time increments can help you stay on track for your lashes always looking full without the awkward shedding phase getting in the way of your plans.


Continue to keep enchanting everyone with your falsies and your lash refills! Time to bat an eye at boring lashes and opt for full and lengthy lash extensions. Take our advice and take this as a sign to book your refill appointment today.


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