Lash Pads - Why You Need Them Today!

Lash pads - whether you’re a loyal fan for years or have never even heard of them, LashCat wants you to consider adding them to your lash routine. Applying lash extensions is detailed work that requires the ultimate precision—which is why it’s so important to keep those lower lashes out of the way. Not all lashes are created equal, and that is why the right lash pad can elevate your falsies to the next level and give you the appearance you’ve been searching for.


Why should you use lash pads?

You’re a seasoned vet at picking out the right beauty products to enhance your eyes. But are you treating your lashes right and making sure they stay healthy? Here’s why lash pads are a great addition to your makeup routine:


  1. They protect the skin under your eyes. The skin under our eyes is one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies, due to its thinness. Lash pads will protect this area, preventing any tweezers or sharp objects from irritating the sensitive skin.
  2. To boost lash visibility. White eye pads offer a great contrast against dark lashes, making isolation easier. Black eye pads are also available for clients who have very blonde lashes- this will help isolation as well.
  3. To keep bottom lashes separate. Is there anything worse than applying falsies to the top and suddenly your lower lashes get stuck? Lash pads give you the benefit of properly sectioning off your lashes so you can get the perfect extension without the upper and lower lashes battling it out.


How do I apply a lash pad?

The eye pad should cover all the lashes on the bottom later, without sitting on the waterline. Depending on the size and curve of your eyes, different eye pads will achieve the desired effect, so make sure to examine your eye shape before applying the pad. For example, if you have large doe-eyes a la Amanda Seyfried, you’ll want to opt for the larger silicone pads that can properly accommodate your beautiful eyes. For those with lusty almond eyes, smaller and more curved lash pads will be the perfect fit!


Go for the quality lash pads - you won’t bat any lashes at the prices either!

Choosing the right lashes and adhesive, even the right tweezers, is vital to the falsie eyelash application process! What you need to add next are the lash pads that will make the process much easier and will maintain your eye health in the process.


At LashCat, we have a wide variety of lash pads that will be perfectly suited for you and keep you looking like a glam king or queen! Shop with us today and discover the beautiful possibilities!

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