H2Whoa Lashes | Why the Wet Lash Trend Is Rising in 2021

While we’re slowly returning to the normalcy of life pre-Covid era, a lot of us are excited to showcase new beauty trends. Social distancing and our masks have paved the way for us to embrace our natural beauty and let our inner beauty shine. Let’s dive into the newest lash trend: the Wet Lash.


We’re seeing a departure from caked-on and aggressive makeup, and instead focusing on natural techniques that can enhance our features with minimal products. So, what’s spearheading this new trend? The Wet Lash Look makes you appear like you just got out of the shower and are paparazzi ready.


As we focus on more dewy and lush skin, LashCat is here to guide you on how you can achieve the sultry wet lash look without having to dish out any money on expensive products.


What is the Wet Lash look?

The look resembles what volume lashes look like when they’re wet before they have been dried and fluffed up, hence the name of the style. Similar to the appearance of classic lashes, the wet lash look gives you that extra bold volume and highlight without losing any glue retention.


How do you achieve the Wet Lash look?

Fine lash extensions, typically ranging from .003 to .007 mm, will give you the best effects. Instead of opening the lashes up like a fan for a volume or classic look, you keep them closed; the look is created using very narrow, almost closed off volume fans. Apply it to the natural lash starting at the inner sides of your corners and work your way to ends, resembling the lashes to look like you just freshly got out of a shower.


You can alternate the number of lashes you use per each lash to get the most authentic wet lash appearance. Since it is technically a volume lash that you are applying to your lash line, you can wrap it around your natural lash to have an improved retention over a natural lash.


Choose from our glam lash sets to achieve your wet lash look today!

Lashes are not always one size fits all. Sometimes you need to try different styles to get the perfect one. At LashCat, we understand you want to look and feel your best, and that is why our full range of eye makeup products will elevate your beauty palette and help you find the right beauty solutions!

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