Do Not Try Lash Tinting at Home

The COVID pandemic has encouraged many of us to endeavour with beauty risky experiments; anything from dying your hair purple, waxing your own eyebrows and crayon-ing your lips for a spicy colour. However, some beauty trends should be handled by the professionals, such as lash lifting. With the constant blitz of social media outlets such as TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube Tutorials and Buzzfeed videos, lash lifting can seemingly be DYI at home if you follow proper procedures.

Without following proper protocols and procedures, you can severely injure your eyesight and the surrounding sensitive area around the eyelid and eye socket. In order to achieve a correct lash lift, you must first understand the hygiene and safety, the placement, timing and shaping and proper after care for a successful lift. A lack of understanding can result in eye infections, irritations around the eye, permanent damage to the lashes and, at times, loss of eyesight.

There is a reason why lash lifts should only be performed by lash technicians; technicians are industry leading professionals with appropriate qualifications that understand the importance of carefully using curling chemicals around the eye. Technicians have access to proper lash lift kits, as some kits you can order online are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, and can cause severe chemical reactions; technicians have the techniques and methods that don’t endanger your eye sight.

There’s a difference between a bad hair dye job and chemically burning your eye from an online tutorial. Beautifully curled and tinted lashes are hypnotizing, and they are worth waiting to be done by a professional. A lash lift is basically a lash perm, and you wouldn’t trust yourself to give yourself a hair perm without a professional. Beautifying yourself gives you a sense of confidence and satisfaction, and there are numerous safe methods in which you can improve your physical appearance. A lash lift should only be done by a licensed professional, and if one is not available, put on two coats of great mascara and an unforgettable lip colour and rock it!



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Shammy S July 15, 2021

You got my attention when you said that you can severely injure your eyesight and the other sensitive area around the eyelid if you will fail to follow proper protocols and procedures. With this in mind, I will be sure to see a lash tinting technician, instead. My plan is to consider lash tinting and lifting because I want to have the best pair of eyes when I attend a reunion party next week. I will do all your tips to ensure my safety.

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