Determine Your Eye Shape in a Blink of an Eye

All eyes are magnificent: they allow us to visually experience our world and admire its beauty. Just like snowflakes, eye shapes are individually different. Determining your eye shape can have a significant effect on what eyeshadow you choose, how you should draw your liner and the application of appropriate lash extensions. 

Don’t know what eye shape you have and want to determine it? LashCat has got you(r) (lids) covered! We help you discover your eye shape and guide you on how you can accentuate them properly!


What’s My Eye Shape?


Identified by a small crease, flat surface and less-defined brow-bones. Make your eyes pop thorough strategic eyeshadow that consists of shiny colour at the brow-bone, a neural colour in the middle and a dazzling dark hue closest to your lash line. 

Celebrities with Monolid eyes include Lana Condor, Lucy Liu and Devon Aoki.



Categorized by a large lid and plenty of white space between the top and bottom of your iris. Also known as doe-eyes, the way to accentuate your round shape is to blend darker hues on your lids. A smokey eye will create a stunning appearance without overpowering your gorgeous stare.

Celebrities with Round eyes include Amanda Seyfried, Alison Brie and Mila Kunis.



Also known as fox-eyes, upturned eyes are determined if your eyes tilt upward on the outer corners of your socket. Accentuating your stunning shape, opt for dark hues along your oter corners and a blended mid-hue in the inside of your lid. 

Celebrities with Upturned eyes include Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.



If your outer corners are lower than your inner corners, creating a ‘descending’ eye shape than you most likely have Downturned eyes. Maximizing this shape involves creating a sexy cat-eye with our fantastic LashCat mascara to create symmetry and give you that OOMPH effect.

Celebrities with Downturned eyes include Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence.



Categorized by a smaller crease and are longer in width than in length, than you have an alluring almond shape. Apply a light colour on the inner corners and a darker hue at the end to accentuate your shape. Applying liquid liner on the top AND bottom will also make your eyes stand out in the crowd.

 Celebrities with Almond eyes include Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington.



Defined by a strong brow-bone and a deep-set crease, eyelids are typically not visible. A smokey eye with an upward blend, or a shiny eye-shadow consistent across your lids will most certainly bring out your dazzling eyes.

Celebrities with Hooded eyes include Blake Lively, Emma Stone and Renee Zellwagger. 


Embrace Your Unique Eye Shape! | Contact LashCat for Amazing Products


Enhance your unique appearance by embracing your eye shape! LashCat is inclusive of individual beauty and wants to help you create your stunning look!


To get started with your eye shaping journey or would like to get in touch with one of our beauty experts, contact us here!



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