Can Lash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lash?

Sometimes, your natural lashes could use a little boost. Lash extensions create that Va-Va-Voom effects that can enhance your confidence and make you walk taller. The appeal of your lashes looking voluminous without having to use the power of 3 mascara applications is why eyelash extensions are growing popular. 


DYI Accessible lash sets, like our Cashmere D Curl Eyelash Extension, have been on the increase and for good reason. They are a cheaper alternative to getting them applied by a lash aesthetician and you can put them on in the comfort of your own home. Lash extensions transform your natural lashes into a voluminous and lengthy affair, but can they potentially ruin your natural lashes? Let’s find out.


Lash Extensions Harm the Natural Lash Line: Fact or Fable?

Fable. The biggest misconception about lash extensions is that it negatively intervenes with the natural lash cycle: this is false. If applied accurately and with expert precision, extensions will not harm the natural lash line. 


Applying your lash set properly and finding a certified lash tech avoids long-term lash loss. Don’t take any shortcuts with your lashes because they are constantly growing and shedding. Messing with lash cycle system can lead you to have permanent lash loss, resulting in patches and visible bare spots on your lash line.


Proper Aftercare 

Instilling an appropriate lash extension routine will avoid your natural lashes from becoming irritated and falling out. Here are some tips for aftercare:

Brush Gently: Getting rid of any kinks in the falsies will diminish the possibility of them getting stuck on a natural lash, forcing them to prematurely fall out.

Dry Them: Getting rid of moisture is a crucial step in the adhesive remaining strong and unharmful to the natural lash. A paper towel is recommended.

Clean Them: Cleaning them daily with our Lash Cleanser gets rid of any dirt or debris from the day that can cause extensions to feel heavy. Clean them delicately with a paper towel and avoid smothering your eyes in cleanser. 


What’s The Verdict?

Properly applying lash extensions and sets will not intervene in a healthy growth of your natural lashes. WOO! But the if the application is poorly done or you are continually rough with your falsies, your natural lashes will have a hard time growing. BOO!


As we get older, the production of collagen and keratin decreases meaning that it directly affects the natural growth of your lashes. It is advised that lash extensions should be kept to a minimum as we age, as a couple of lashes falling here and there can lead to a permanent loss. Following a proper aftercare lash extension routine will ensure your natural lashes remain unharmed and healthy.


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