5 Falses of Swimming with Lash Falsies | How LashCat Can Prepare You For Summer

Your lash extensions make heads turn in and out of the water. 

The hot weather is quickly approaching, and with the warm weather comes the sunscreen and the refreshing swimming sessions. LashCat is here to bust those myths that advise you to not to swim with lash extensions - we’re here to say that you should embrace going to the deep end!


5 Myths Busted About Swimming with Lash Extensions

Here are 5 myths that won’t stop you from enjoying the warm weather!

  1. My lashes won’t look the same after I swim! FALSE

They won’t look the same while you’re swimming, yes. But after your much-needed dip, you cant gently dry them and brush them upwards for the Va-Va-Voom effect you had prior to entering the water.

  1. If I use waterproof mascara on top of my lash extensions, it’ll prevent them from falling out. FALSE

We don’t recommend waterproof mascara on top of your falsies at any point, due to the aggressive solutions found in the formula. The myth that waterproof mascara will act as a shield to your falsies is just simply not true.

  1. Saltwater is way safer for my extensions than freshwater. FALSE

Nope, saltwater is actually more damaging than fresh water because the salt actually deteriorates the glue faster. Not to worry, if you’re on vacation and taking a dip into a magical saltwater pool, make sure to clean them as soon as you get out with our gentle Lash Cleanser to prevent the salt from weakening the lash line.

  1. Pool water is going to cause my lashes to fall out faster. FALSE

It’s a common misconception that pool water will disintegrate your lashes, but with our Expert Glue, you can confidently do a cannonball in the deep end without having to worry about them falling out! 

  1. If I wear protective goggles, it’s going to ruin my lash line. FALSE

If you want to take that extra layer of protection, put on your goggles and leave the worry of your falsies falling out in the shallow end. Just be careful that your goggles don’t pinch or pull your lashes and you’re set!


What Products Can Help Elongate the Life of My Lash Extensions?

Wearing your lash extensions proudly shouldn’t have to come at the cost of limiting your activities. As they say, you can have your cake and eat it too (or do a swan dive in the deep end while still looking like the pool goddess with fab lashes)!

While you can still enjoy swimming, we recommend that you clean your lashes as soon as you get out. Our gentle Lash Cleanser can clean your lashes of any residue and dirt while giving your lashes delicate care.

Summer is just around the corner, and so are pool parties! For a full range of our lavish lash products, visit us here!


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