5 Factors You Have To Incorporate Into Your Winter Skincare Routine

The Canadian winter can take a harsh toll on your body: the cold air causing your cheeks to constantly flush, the harsh winds that ruin your perfect coiffe and the lack of humidity that can quickly crack your skin.

No Sunlight? No Problem!

It can prove to be a next to impossible task to maintain a skin routine when your alarm clock shuts off, you have to get your kids ready for their school day and are also trying to incorporate 30 minutes of cardio before your Zoom meeting. 

Fear not, LashCat has compiled 5 foolproof solutions that will empower you to trudge through even the most frigid months without having to compromise your beauty routine.

Smooth Solutions for Rough Patches

Here is how you can look and feel beautiful, even if you are experiencing the Winter Blues:

  1. Hydrate - Drinking sufficient water is important in all seasons, but in the winter it’s twice as important. Insufficient moisture in your body will lead to cracked, flaky and rough skin that will make you look increasingly tired and ready for a nap. Drinking 7 to 8 cups of water a day will help keep your skin energized and refreshed!
  1. Cleanse - Fun Fact: Canadians tend to sleep more in the winter due to the lack of sunlight. While plenty of shut-eye works wonders for the body, your skin will need increasing cleansing attention. While we rest, our skin cells are regenerating and by the morning, our faces become surfaces of dead skin cells. Incorporating a gentle foaming cleanser to remove the dirt accumulated during the night into your morning routine will allow your skin to breathe throughout the day.
  1. Exfoliate - Have you ever tried to put on foundation and your skin ends up looking scaly and patchy? That’s due to a lack of exfoliation. Winter drastically increases the shedding of old cells as a result of dropping temperatures and lack of humidity in the air. Using a soft face exfoliator 4 times a week, with the addition of a warm cloth to remove impurities, will create baby-smooth skin and allow your makeup to be applied flawlessly.
  1. Moisturize - Choose a delicate face moisturizer to apply twice a day to create a dewey appearance and allow concealer and foundation to glide seamlessly on your skin. Even if you choose to go make-up free, incorporating moisturizer in your daily winter beauty routine will help you appear younger and always refreshed. 
  1. Plump - A plump mouth is sexy in any season however, it’s always an easy target for winter weather to destroy. Avoid cracked lips by having lip balm ready and gently dabbing a towel on them to remove any excess dirt and dried cells that have accumulated. A lip exfoliant will not only help your lips remain soft, but they also boost the production of new and healthy cells to replace the lost ones. 

Feel Beautiful in the Canadian Weather - LashCat Makes It Happen!
When winter hits, be ready to embrace it head-on! LashCat is dedicated to helping all of our clients feel beautiful no matter the situation. Contact us here for more tips and tricks to beat those Winter Blues!


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Nada Stankovic January 26, 2021

Hello, I’m early 60’s and how do I know what kind of exfoliating product I need as well as moisturizer or lip exfoliater. Products are expensive and either buying Drug Store or Big Box stores like Bay or Sephora which are costlier than let’s say Shoppers Drug Mart. My skin is very dry and my thyroid is under control with meds.
Warmest Thanks

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