4 Easy Steps To Remove Your Eyelash Extensions At Home

Are you unable to service your clients due to Covid-19 restrictions? Here are some tips you can share with your clients!


2020 has seen the drastic rise of at-home lash extensions; the instant gratification of voluminous, foxy lashes that creates a Bravo after-effect. Long gone are the days of applying lashes daily, and in are the times of sexy lashes that last for weeks. 


Unprecedented circumstances have cause lash salons to remain closed, but LashCat is here to help! Our team of experts is certified in all things lash, from our affordable Dolly Lash Large Silicone Pads to our luxurious Volume Eyelash Extension Kit. We love lashes, but we love helping our customers even more!


The safest way of removing your lash extension is by a professional however, we understand that you have a busy schedule and find yourself amid a lockdown due to the pandemic.


4 Steps In Safely Removing Your Lash Extensions At Home


Whether you’re in between appointments or want a break from lash extensions, these tips will help you safely remove your falsies.


We are here to teach you how to safely take off your lash extensions without compromising your natural lashes in 4 fool-proof steps.


Step 1) Don’t Pull Your Lashes Out


 Plucking your lashes thinking they’ll come out faster will only weaken your lash line. Additionally, avoid rubbing and scrubbing your eyes as bacteria can spread drastically. 


You want to keep your lashes in a healthy condition and prevent them from growing out sparsely throughout. Your lash extensions will eventually fall out with your lash cycle, so patience is key.


Step 2) Moisture is Your Best Friends


A hot shower will loosen up your extensions and increase the chances of them falling out. Increasing steam production and hot water frequency can weaken the glue and cause them to fall out at a more accelerated rate.


Step 3) Use a Lash-Glue Dissolver


Your eyes and lashes are incredibly sensitive. While you urgently want to get rid of your lashes, lash-glue remover will give you the results you want without creating discomfort. Since lash glue is similar to superglue, a professional lash-glue dissolver will weaken the ingredients without hurting your eyes.


Keeping your eyes safe from irritants, including lash-glue dissolvers, will ensure that your lashes come off safely without any additional tears.


Step 4) Post-Removal, Use a Lash Serum


After you have safely removed your lash extensions and want your natural lashes to grow healthy. Using a lash serum can jumpstart the growth of your lashes and add the necessary natural volume. The peptides infused in the serums can prolong your lashes and boost regeneration.


Take Matters Into Your Own Hands, Safely! Contact LashCat For More Products and Tips


Our damage-free tips on safely removing your lash extensions at home can help you grown thicker and healthy natural lashes. 

To contact one of our experts or find out more about our range of lash products, visit us here!


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