Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions



This gel-based remover is used to remove unwanted lashes or glue. It has low fumes and comes in a clear formulation.


CAUTION: This product must be used by a professional trained eyelash technician/artist. Direct contact with the skin and eye may cause irritation, stinging or outbreak of rash. Please follow proper protocol and removal procedures.


1. If you apply the remover on the skin itself, skin trouble or irritation would occur.

2. The remover can be more dangerous than glue for eye itself. So, to avoid risky condition of remover use, the remover has to be cleared 100% after remover operation. If the remover is not cleared well, some remover material can go into the eye or eyelash glue can not work well during lash extension.

3. Do not use it except removing false eyelash for extension

4. Do not use it if you feel itch or have rash.

5. Keep it out of reach of Children.

6. After use, please close well with cap.