Brow Lamination/Lash Lift ShineE One Touch full kit

$185.00 $111.00

ShineE One Touch Eyebrow Lamination/ Lash Lift

 You may also send your client home with ShineE Duo Mascara and Serum


This product is designed for trained professionals only

To do brow lamination, you need:

1) KeratinUP® onetouch spa LIFT 1

2) KeratinUP® onetouch swing FIX 2

3) KeratinUP® onetouch vitamin BATH 3

4) KeratinUP® onetouch reborn KERATIN 4

5) KeratinUP® essence COATING 5

6) SBA (Super Bonding Adhesive)

7) Y brush (from KeratinUP® workstation)